Adding a Travel Line on Your iPhone

what is travel line on iphone

As a frequent traveler or someone seeking to reduce cellular data charges while away from home, setting up an additional line on your iPhone can be invaluable. Setting up two lines is straightforward, while Apple provides features to manage call flow between them easily.

View or change cellular data settings per app, which is particularly helpful if you plan to use applications that consume large amounts of cellular data while traveling abroad. To do this, swipe down from the Control Center, then tap Cellular Data.

If your second line is no longer necessary, you can temporarily suspend it by swiping down on the control center and clicking “Turn Off this Line”. Incoming calls will still come through to your Voice mailbox but won’t show as being from that line onscreen.

If you want to reactivate your second line, go back into the Settings app and select Cellular plans. Your carrier’s eSIM must also be activated before being used again.

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