Jason Golden Wins $1 Million in Virginia Lottery Scratchers

who is jason virginia lottery game guy

Jason Golden of Virginia Beach is now one million dollars richer after purchasing a Lottery scratcher at a 7-Eleven store in Chesapeake. Although rarely excited by life events, Jason was thrilled when he picked up a Holiday Luck X15 ticket, scratched it, and discovered he’d won first prize of over a million dollars! With that cash he plans on using to pay off student loans.

Paula Otto of the Lottery Agency said her agency is planning a send-off ceremony for Lady Luck since 1989. Lady Luck quickly became popular after making her initial appearance at a shopping center; crowds surrounded her for hours after her scheduled time was up so they could sign autographs, chat with other patrons and bestow good fortune onto all sorts of objects with her magic wand.

Kypros, who answers casting calls for TV commercials for WHRO and the Virginia Lottery, has become known as The Game Guy. His character represents Big River Advertising of Richmond as part of their campaign emphasizing fun as part of their new message for the lottery.

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