What is the New Lottery Game Called Powerball?

what is the new lottery game called

Powerball lottery game, popularly known as Powerball in the US, can be found in 47 states and Washington, DC. Participants select five white ball numbers and one red ball number in hopes of winning an up to $540 million jackpot! Tickets cost $2 and winning numbers are drawn every Friday evening at 7 PM ET from Tallahassee Florida State Lottery Headquarters; drawings occur weekly – making Powerball one of the most widely played multi-state lotteries nationwide.

In 1988, Lotto America first debuted as a Multi-State Game; then in 1992 became Powerball with the addition of two numbers and changes to prize structure. Under new rules, winners could choose either to receive either a lump-sum cash prize or an annuity which grows over time and provides fixed amounts each year until its term ends; jackpots increased significantly too; New Jersey became the first state offering players the option of receiving jackpot prizes in cash when joining The Big Game as participants in September 1996, while Ohio marked another first by becoming first winning prize with tickets purchased before joining The Big Game multi-state game!

Once Powerball drawings began in Atlanta at WSB-TV, but after it was sold to Chicago-based Fox-owned cable TV superstation WGN-TV in 1998, its moves to WGN America for broadcast nationally became effective with draws taking place every Wednesday and Saturday night after newscast. Emceeing this broadcast are Emmy Award winner John Crow and Atlanta radio host Carol Blackmon; with Adria Wofford acting as co-host when necessary.

As of December 2022, Powerball tickets were available in 43 states and the District of Columbia. Along with offering a top prize of $540 million, it also awards an additional prize of $1 million if six white ball numbers match. Odds of winning this jackpot stand at 1 in 340,890.

BOSTON — The Massachusetts State Lottery is offering an exciting new way to play its games – without leaving home! They are introducing Digital Instants games that you can access online or mobile device. Similar to scratch-off games but more sophisticated. You must deposit money before participating.

Each euro spent on National Lottery games is donated directly to Good Causes, with over EUR6 billion raised since 2022 in support of local projects in areas such as sport, youth development, health and welfare as well as education, arts and heritage – an effective way to give back to your community!

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