An Overview of What States Are Online Gambling Legal

what states is online gambling legal

The legal status of online gambling in the US varies by state. Some have legalized it entirely while others consider it criminal activity; most states, however, regulate it in some form or another; this article will discuss which states permit such activity as well as which activities can be found within those jurisdictions.

New Jersey was the first state to legalize online sports betting in 2018, which has since seen an explosion in revenue and customer acquisition. Since then, other states like Pennsylvania and Iowa have followed suit but some remain reluctant to legalize gambling despite several factors at play according to experts.

Hawaii and Utah remain two states that have yet to legalize online gambling, though both permit in-person sports betting. Many other states, such as Michigan which has legalized both sports betting and casino gaming, as well as Massachusetts and Florida considering creating their own versions of legal online casinos are expected to legalize gambling soon.

Alabama’s laws against online gambling have prevented it from legalizing any form of it to date; daily fantasy sports, however, operate within a grey area and thus offer them to Alabama residents as an option.

New Hampshire is one of several states to legalize online sports betting through one provider and offers residents various forms of gambling such as lottery games, social casinos and sweepstakes-style contests with real-cash prizes. Furthermore, New Hampshire recently reduced its gambling age limit in order to make participation simpler for people.

Rhode Island stands out as an especially popular online gambling market despite being relatively small in terms of population size. Rhode Island introduced legal sports betting and daily fantasy sports in 2022 and now provides its residents with multiple platforms on which they can bet live horse races via online sportsbooks. In 2024, Rhode Island will make this possible too.

Wisconsin prohibits most forms of online gambling; however, pari-mutuel horse racing betting through advance deposit wagering platforms and the state’s online lottery offer limited number of games. Oregon strictly bans these forms of gambling; nevertheless, its Oregon Lottery remains one of the country’s most beloved lotteries due to its large jackpots that can reach millions of dollars and convenience of access through mobile devices – plus offering promotions and bonuses designed to draw new players despite declining sales over time.

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