Does Herbal Tea Hydrate Or Dehydrate?

does herbal tea hydrate

Hydration is essential to our bodies, skin, moods, energy levels and many other functions. While water remains the best way to hydrate our bodies and minds, some people enjoy sipping tea during the day for flavor or health reasons – is herbal tea dehydrating or hydrating our systems?

Answering this question is more complex than expected, however. Tea, such as black, green, white and oolong varieties contain caffeine which has a diuretic effect if consumed excessively – meaning too much may cause your body to expel some fluid through urine. But choosing low-caffeine options like green and white tea won’t have this same diuretic effect, while herbal varieties made from plants other than Camellia sinensis such as chamomile, hibiscus or lavender don’t contain any caffeine at all and don’t cause an expulsion of fluid from your system!

Consuming several cups of herbal tea each day can be an easy and delicious way to meet your fluid intake without losing water through peeing. Not only that, but tea may provide additional health benefits such as relieving headaches and stress, improving sleep quality, relieving constipation and contributing to weight loss. Some varieties can even help alleviate cold or flu symptoms and contain antioxidants and other nutrients that will boost overall wellness.

Caffeine in tea may cause diuretics effects when consumed in large doses, prompting more frequent urination. To experience this diuretic effect it would take about 500-600 mg a day of caffeine – roughly equivalent to five or six cups of black tea! Still, drinking tea moderately remains an effective and healthy way of adding additional water into your diet, even if you prefer caffeine-infused varieties!

Bottom line, tea counts toward your daily fluid consumption but be cautious to only consume moderate quantities daily. Make sure that tea is enjoyed alongside water; not as an alternative source of fluid intake. Other liquids such as juice, milk and coffee all count toward your fluid intake quota but may provide less hydration than plain water does. If you decide to drink more tea than is recommended, add ice cubes for increased hydration. It may also be beneficial to enjoy warm beverages instead of chilled ones as warmer beverages will retain more water in your body than cooler ones.

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