How to Play Year of the Rabbit Lottery Game

how to play year of the rabbit lottery game

The Chinese zodiac system divides each year of calendar into animal signs, with your birth year determining your zodiac animal. Each sign is associated with certain traits and symbols; so it’s essential that you become acquainted with what yours reveals about you – its strengths, weaknesses and potential dangers.

Chinese lunar New Year–or nongli xinnian in Chinese; commonly pronounced Nong Li Xin Nian–is more than just another holiday for many Chinese people; it’s an opportunity to consult the stars, review past decisions and create plans for what lies ahead in 2018.

According to Chinese astrology, those born during the Year of the Rabbit possess strong intelligence and wisdom as well as peaceful disposition. Quick learners known for having kind hearts. Able to resolve problems without conflict.

People born in the Year of the Rabbit will find 2019 especially lucky when it comes to money, love and work due to Tian Yi’s position within their zodiac sign; its positive energy helps neutralise any harmful Tai Sui effects and make this year an excellent one for investment and business ventures.

Birthing during the Year of the Rabbit can also bring good health fortune, due to Tai Sui being balanced out by Tian Yi (Water star), which will prevent health issues from cropping up. That being said, those born in this year should still pay close attention to their bodies and schedule regular checkups.

People born in the Year of the Rabbit tend to enjoy prosperity both financially and professionally; however, their restlessness often means 2024 can be challenging; income may fall below expectations, leading them to spend more on healthcare expenses than anticipated.

There’s also the risk that their romantic lives will suffer; either finding someone reliable is difficult, or they keep bumping into players who won’t commit.

As part of learning how to responsibly spend and invest their money wisely, they should adopt responsible spending practices and invest wisely. In particular, they should avoid making any impulsive investments that could be put off for later. It is also recommended that they keep personal lives separate from professional ones as it’s best not to reveal office secrets in this year of the Water Tiger.

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