Step Into the Light – Explore Sunny Blog for a Life of Positivity!

Step into the Light Explore Sunny Blog for a Life of Positivity

Sunny Shan’s blog Step Into the Light offers both running inspiration and body positivity advice. She believes you can reach your fitness goals without compromising a healthy lifestyle.

The Acacia Strain capitalize on their grimy and primal sound with this album that blends grindcore immediacy with deathcore density. Heavy riffs and Vincent Bennett’s fiery vocals come to dominate its tracks.


Yoga is an ancient mind-body practice encompassing physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation to promote overall well-being in body and mind. Through this ancient art form you can develop strength, balance, flexibility and increase efficiency within the body’s systems.

Yoga offers soothing effects to reduce stress and its symptoms such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and other conditions. Furthermore, studies have also discovered it to lower heart rates and blood pressure levels.

Yoga has long been associated with hippies and spiritual enlightenment in Western culture, yet it’s more than a mere exercise class or form of meditation. Yoga offers more profound life transformation than most activities do – much like Buddha’s “middle way” or the Chinese concept of yin-yang balance where seemingly opposite forces interlink and mutually depend. Yoga should not be seen as religion but as a lifestyle choice: more time you put into practicing it, the greater its benefits become.


Lifestyle refers to a set of values, attitudes and behaviors that determine one or more individuals or groups’ choices of work, leisure activities, consumption habits, food and entertainment in daily life. Lifestyle can often be found reflected in social, cultural and economic texts and involves different patterns of living influenced by geographical considerations as well as socio-economic, political and religious texts such as Bell D. & Hollows J (2006) Historicizing Lifestyle: Mediating Taste Consumption Identity since 1900s (Asghate Aldershot Burlington 2006).

Join our studio audience as we discuss healthy recipes, wellness hacks, setting and reaching goals, and more on this podcast!


To live a positive and fulfilling life, it is crucial that you are honest with yourself. Additionally, building an inclusive community with people working towards similar goals will support and uplift you on your spiritual path – you may even seek guidance from a spiritual mentor in this process.

Step Into the Light is typical Acacia Strain music without its overlong quality. While still featuring gut-crushing heaviness that has become their trademark, they have successfully toned down density to focus on immediacy. Riffs remain thick and downtuned while Vincent Bennett’s pissed-off roars are as guttural as ever while the drumming remains brutal and crushing; all in 24 minutes. Intense hardcore intensity meets deathcore density with some splashes of grind influence for added spice.

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