How to Make Herbal Tea Taste Better

how to make herbal tea taste better

Tea is an internationally celebrated drink for its relaxing properties, soothing properties, and healthful properties; yet many tea drinkers experience difficulty with bitter or bland tasting tea. Luckily, there are ways to enhance the flavor of herbal teas to make them more appetizing to even those with finicky palates.

Alternatively, try steeping for shorter amounts of time or at a lower temperature to create a less tart and more herbal tasting brew. Or add milk for an added comforting sweet touch that also reduces bitterness while masking harsher herb flavors.

Honey is another natural sweetener that can add a tasty boost to any cup of herbal tea. Incorporating raw honey may yield even greater healthful properties and benefit.

Cinnamon is an invigorating spice that instantly turns any beverage into an inviting cup for cold winter days or festive festivities. This flavor can help cover some of the harsher herbal tea flavors while giving your favorite chamomile blend an added holiday cheer!

Some herbal teas can be overwhelming due to the combination of their specific brewing ingredients, like hibiscus or cloves. To prevent this from happening, be selective when making your selection and look for herbal teas without these trigger ingredients – one such blend would be our Tranquil Peach blend which boasts all of the fruity goodness associated with traditional tea without unappetizing elements such as hibiscus and cloves that some tea drinkers find unsuitable.

Utilizing fresh or dried fruits in your tea can enhance its flavor considerably, providing your body with essential vitamins and minerals while simultaneously increasing sweetness. You could try using slices of fresh ginger instead for an unusual combination of zingy sweetness that’s both savory and sweet!

If the flavor of fresh fruit alone isn’t satisfying your tea cup, try mixing in some fruit juice or puree for extra dimension. Just be wary when selecting fruit extracts; these could increase sugar intake while also adding artificial flavors to your mug!

Addition of spices can instantly enhance any tea experience. Cinnamon and ginger add warmth, while herbs such as sage and rosemary add earthy notes that add depth and complexity.

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