Discover the Magic of Sunny Blog!

Discover the Magic of Sunny Blog

Discover the Magic of Sunny Blog!

Boo’s daydreaming may be her way of coping with her less-than-ideal life and could indicate some form of post traumatic stress disorder.

Sunny is the founder and leader of Delivering Happiness, an industry expert and coach|consultant that has helped numerous organizations move from good to great over time. A sought-after speaker on culture and well-being at work, she is widely revered.

Meet Mr. Sunny Sunshine

Discover the Magic of Sunny Blog is part of an inspiring children’s book series featuring Mr. Sunny Sunshine. In this introduction book, it establishes and conveys to readers from his point of view that there can never be enough smiles in this world – an engaging educational lesson about smiles’ diverse manifestations!

He composed this tune based on dialogues, using claps and body percussions (creating sounds by slapping your hands against different parts of the body) for its main groove. To give his song its unique sound, he also added Charango and Dotara for an Indo European feel.

Sunny M.R. wrote songs and score for Ram Mohan’s movie NIJANGA which was delayed due to Andhra agitation; as such, its producers sought something fresh with its music; they decided on Sunny M.R. as composer.

Sunny’s Kindergarten

Sunny’s kindergarten provides children with an enjoyable and educational environment where they can meet new friends while expanding their abilities, talents, and interests. Each day is filled with new adventures, games, and activities designed to expand the children’s abilities, potential, and talents.

Sunny is both excited and anxious about his first day at school. To calm him down, his mommy, dad and brother Hunny discuss what will take place there and how much fun he will have there.

Students will engage in large group learning with their teacher. From playing letter games and reading stories to practicing social-emotional skills and practicing social emotional abilities, the teachers will ensure learning is integrated into every activity. This provides the ideal way for children to build on concepts learned during rug time while having plenty of fun preparing themselves for their first day of school! It also provides parents with a great opportunity to work alongside their child’s teacher to ensure he or she receives optimal development experiences.

Sunny’s Adventures

Sunny, the youngest member of his family, longs to do “big people things.” But then at dinner he discovers something only he can do that his larger siblings cannot–an insight which allows him to appreciate himself and his size more fully.

This book is an engaging way for children to learn the value of sharing and friendship. Sunny and Sammy discover to appreciate one another’s differences while learning they can always depend on each other when needed.

Kids can follow Sunny Starscout and her friends as they venture beyond Equestria into the real world. Meet Hitch Trailblazer, Izzy Moonbow, Misty Brightdawn, Zipp Storm, Pipp Petals and Queen Opaline as they embark on exciting adventures together!

Sunny’s Friends

Dream World MARI offers soothing words of advice when SUNNY faces fears, like an anticipated piano recital or the uncomfortable feeling of drowning, she encourages him to CALM DOWN and focus. Additionally, MARI taught him PERSISTANCE; something which helped SUNNY defeat HELLMARI on TWO DAYS LEFT as well as prevent Aubrey from bullying Basil in church.

KEL is SUNNY’s childhood neighbor in FARAWAY TOWN. They had once been best friends until MARI died. KEL visited SUNNY regularly as children but eventually stopped speaking until recently when KEL came by SUNNY’s house with an invitation for him and SUNNY decided not to meet again before moving away. Regardless, he came back and offered for them to hangout before leaving FARAWAY TOWN altogether.

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