When Did The Texas Lottery Game Win It All End?

when did the texas lottery game win it all end

Wining the lottery can be a dream come true for most people; yet it also comes with excitement, stress and change. Many find themselves wishing they had handled things differently or not had to work so hard; others find themselves overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities that come with having such a large sum of money, while still others struggle with dealing with media attention that comes with such success. Whatever one feels after winning their jackpot win, it is essential that winners set aside some time just for themselves for relaxation or getting back on track after such an exciting event.

On May 7, Heliodoro Cuenca of Houston managed to match all five numbers and the Bonus Ball in Lotto Texas’ May 7 drawing to win its $70 Million Jackpot prize with Cash Value Option payment, receiving over $42.8 Million before taxes were deducted from his winnings.

The Lottery announces the introduction of Cash 5 Plus, a multi-draw game offering players the chance to win up to $2 Million by matching two or more numbers in any draw.

Lottery sales at the Games of Texas recently hit an all-time record high and became the single largest source of state revenues, contributing significantly to public education via Foundation School Fund contributions, as well as veterans aid through Texas Veterans Commission Fund for Veterans’ Assistance funds.

The Lottery’s social media video campaign, “LUCK HAPPENS”, featuring black Pumas from their Black Pumas scratch-off game has won several top lottery industry honors including Batchy Awards and Hickey Awards from top lottery industry organizations. Produced by Information Technology Manager Joan Kotal of the Lottery. Furthermore, its Responsible Gaming Initiative won them the Multi-State Lottery Association Powers Award as well.

Lottery players can select either cash value or annuity value on their lottery playslip at the time of purchase, though any choices not marked will be rejected by lottery regulations. Players should have ample opportunity to select their option before purchasing tickets.

Bucks ‘N Trucks, an immensely popular instant ticket game, was won. A ticket purchased at Motu Food Mart in Pasadena yielded the first of three jackpots worth annuitizing $9.5 Million; and RBH CNC Ltd in Austin claimed the second prize – a Ford F-150 SuperCab pickup truck as their prize.

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