Should Health Care Be Free in America?

American is consistently failing in comparison with other developed nations when it comes to providing health care for its citizens. There has been much debate over whether America should offer free healthcare to all of its residents – many feel a country has the obligation to ensure its people do not lack access to affordable medical attention due to limited availability.

Health should be regarded as a fundamental right and not privilege for every member of society. While freedom means making choices about the kind of life one leads, that does not give rise to being denied basic healthcare services and food and shelter needs. No matter how hard or how much someone saves or works hard at life’s journey if their health condition leaves them no chance to survive then there’s little point living it at all.

Unfortunately, most Americans lack universal health coverage due to an unjust system that treats healthcare as something only those who can afford can access. This has resulted in many being forced into poverty because they cannot afford their treatment needs; having serious medical conditions often necessitates spending your entire savings account or selling assets just so you can receive necessary treatment – this can put immense strain on finances as well as impacting quality of life adversely.

America has long had an outdated healthcare system, yet there may still be ways of improving it to ensure all its citizens enjoy full and healthy lives. A great many changes must occur for this goal to become reality – one such change being whether everyone should receive free healthcare coverage.

Looking at other countries with universal healthcare systems makes it clear there are numerous advantages associated with universal coverage. People can live healthier lives without stressing over cost for healthcare coverage – which has an overall beneficial impact on wellbeing and happiness.

Although providing free healthcare to its citizens is no simple task and would take an investment of resources, it can be done. Doing this would benefit all citizens worldwide and should be carefully considered by those with influence within governments – it could even pave the way to a brighter future!

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