What Are the Income Limits For VA Health Care 2022?

what are the income limits for va health care 2022

The VA healthcare system currently serves over 9 million eligible veterans across the United States. Eligibility for VA healthcare depends on many factors, including service-related disabilities, income thresholds and additional insurance such as Medicare or Medicaid coverage. Based on household income level alone, veterans may qualify for services ranging from limited access with full copayments up to free healthcare access based on eligibility standards set by VA Healthcare. This article explores how income plays into qualification processes for VA Healthcare as well as what options may be available to veterans who might be struggling to make payments on bills.

Step one of understanding VA healthcare eligibility is understanding its income thresholds. The VA uses geographic-based means tests adjusted for cost of living differences between areas to establish these thresholds; specifics vary based on location. To check current limits in your region visit this VA income limit calculator.

Priority groups range from one to eight, with higher numbers signifying more comprehensive healthcare services. Your priority group may change over time depending on whether your income exceeds or falls below certain thresholds; or it could shift should your service-connected disability worsen.

Calculating your gross annual household income using a simple formula allows you to quickly determine whether you meet VA health care thresholds in your geographical location. This is the most accurate way of gauging income, as it takes into account all sources – not only earned wages and employment benefits. Loan repayments, home equity loans and reverse mortgages do not count towards VA requirements while any income that represents returns from investments (dividends or interest) do count.

Virginia offers several low- or no-cost health coverage programs that may help you afford medical care, depending on your income and dependent status. To find the one most suited to you, use the charts below as a guide.

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