Five Once-In-A-Lifetime Sporting Events in May

may sporting events 2023

2023 will be an amazing year in sports, featuring incredible and action-packed events worldwide. From Royal Ascot horse racing to the brand new Grand Prix of Las Vegas – so much is on offer this May that is sure to get your heart pounding and adrenaline flowing!

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Experience some of the world’s top rugby players as they compete for an esteemed international trophy during this spectacular 2023 Six Nations Championship event! It promises to provide fans with nonstop entertainment from start to finish! With an outstanding roster of athletes participating, this competition promises to deliver thrilling entertainment throughout.

After an unforgettable World Cup in 2018, 2023 is shaping up to be no less thrilling as England, France, Ireland and Scotland are likely all looking for ways to improve on their seven medals from this year.

The final tournament of MLB regular season takes place in October and will culminate with an action-packed World Series. The Los Angeles Dodgers hope to claim their first championship since 1988 while Chicago Cubs have yet to secure any pennants during their history.

F1 will once more aim for a 23-race season, though 24 races may still be possible depending on whether they find replacement events for Russian and Chinese Grands Prix cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic. Teams will undergo some changes as champion Red Bull stays the same while Ferrari makes changes by replacing Kimi Raikkonen with Fernando Alonso.

Fighting and combat sports will play a prominent role at this month’s Pan American Games taking place in Santiago, Chile. The event includes 39 sports for participants from across all of North, Central, South America as well as Oceania; Team USA holds onto their overall gold medal lead from previous editions with 2,064 total medals won to date!

This year is the inaugural Asian Olympic Games and they are expected to be the most attended ever with more than 10 million tickets already being sold. The competition features athletes from multiple sports and provides an ideal platform for them to show their talent – as well as witness some of Asia’s finest cities and cultures! Despite being labeled a gay Olympic in previous years, anyone may compete and will exceed that number at some Olympic events!

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