What Is Local SEO and Why Should Your Business Care About It?

what is local seo

Consumers want results tailored specifically to their location when searching for products or services online, which is why local SEO is such an integral component of modern marketing strategy. Local SEO is a subset of traditional SEO that optimizes websites to target customers from specific geographic locations.

If your business has not implemented a local SEO strategy yet, now may be the time to do so. Local SEO can help expand customer reach, boost online and in-store sales and build brand recognition. We’ll discuss what local SEO is, its functions and why businesses should care about this field of digital marketing.

Local SEO’s goal is to get your business listed on Google search results pages when people in your city or neighborhood search for products or services in that location. One effective method for this is optimizing your Google Business Profile and taking advantage of local citations – mentions of your name, address, phone number, or any other relevant details from websites, apps, social media profiles etc – across the web that demonstrate credibility of your organization to search engines like Google. When consistent NAP citations exist across these channels, search engines like Google will recognize your legitimacy as legitimate and trust-worthy business entities – giving search engines confidence in its rankings when ranking local businesses legitimate and trustworthy businesses can get listed in results pages as search engines like Google.

That is why it’s essential to ensure your Google Business Profile is optimized and complete. Your name, address, phone number, and any other pertinent details must all match across online channels. Also make sure you respond to reviews left by customers – not only will this show that you value their feedback but it may help rank higher on search results pages.

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Local searches involve queries that include the user’s current location – either via IP address or geolocation – in their query, so search engines can deliver results that best serve their intent. For instance, searching “ice cream shop” from Portland might yield different results than conducting the same query from Austin.

Local searches typically produce a 3-pack of local results that appear above organic search results, including maps with businesses and their contact info, along with ratings. As these local results are more visible to searchers, local SEO is essential for getting noticed by nearby shoppers and increasing conversions and sales. Many small businesses invest in local SEO as it increases conversions and sales – it doesn’t take much to implement and may already be in place without even realizing it! With the proper tools and strategies it doesn’t even take that much work or dedication – many small businesses invest heavily into local SEO without even realizing it – in fact you may already be doing it unknowingly!

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