What Does Cyber Safety Mean?

what does cyber safety mean

With everything becoming increasingly interconnected, we’re vulnerable to cyber attacks which threaten both personal information and even our lives. Therefore, understanding what exactly cyber safety entails and implementing the necessary practices into both your workplace and home environments are paramount to ensure protection from threats that threaten both.

Cybersecurity refers to the practice of protecting computer systems and data from being compromised by hackers, using anti-malware software, firewalls and other measures such as training employees in cybersecurity measures as well as creating an overall culture around its use. Cybersecurity should be treated as an ongoing process that must be reviewed regularly in order to stay ahead of new attacks.

Many people conflate “cyber safety” and “cybersecurity”, but these terms actually have very distinct meanings. Safety refers to being free from danger or risk while security refers to safeguarding both people and property – with cyber safety focused on people while infrastructure requires cybersecurity for protection.

Digital environments present numerous risks to young people, including cyberbullying, grooming and image-based abuse. While young people can benefit from online activities for learning and social development, 44% of teens reported negative experiences online in the six months preceding September 2020 – such as being contacted by people they didn’t know, receiving inappropriate or unwanted material and being excluded from events or social groups. According to research conducted by the eSafety Commissioner 44% had had at least one negative experience online in that timeframe – such as being contacted by unknown contacts or receiving inappropriate or unwanted material from sources.

An incident of confidential data breach can have lasting repercussions for businesses, ranging from lost customers and profits, reputational harm and legal ramifications – for instance if personal medical records are compromised, patients could lose faith in your services and seek care elsewhere.

Cyberattacks are among the primary means of attacking companies, from spam emails to malware infections. As more devices connect to the internet, companies must remain vigilant and enhance their defenses continuously.

Businesses should also implement a security awareness program to educate employees on how seemingly harmless actions may leave systems open to attack, and teach employees how to recognize phishing emails as part of this practice.

If you want to protect your house, locking its door and placing valuables in a safe are two effective measures of physical security. Cyber safety entails safeguarding computers, tablets, smartphones and other electronic devices against malicious attackers – and by taking these steps yourself and family can feel more at ease knowing their information and devices are secure from potential cyber-threats. Following these tips can give you confidence that your devices and data remain protected.

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