What is the Best Ohio Lottery Game to Play?

Ohio Lottery offers an assortment of traditional draw games and multi-state lotteries such as Powerball. Their proceeds help fund state education programs. Players can participate in person or online.

To play, visit one of the Ohio Lottery’s official retailer partners and select the games you wish to play from their selection list. Use the finder tool on either its website or mobile app to locate a location near you, once purchased your tickets will receive an ePaySlip containing a barcode for scanning at retailers, much simpler than carrying paper tickets around with you!

Ohio Lottery also offers Instant Win Games like Scratch-Offs, Keno and KENO that provide players with a chance at instantaneous winnings, similar to Draw Games but without the long waiting times involved with traditional draw lotteries. These instant-win options are similar but with immediate results: Scratch-Offs, Keno and KENO among them.

Selecting an Ohio Lottery game that suits you depends on both your preference and playing style. While some prefer high jackpot national lotteries, others might prefer more local experiences from Ohio’s own lottery games like Ohio Lottery with its jackpot starting at $1 Million and increasing with each drawing that passes without a winner being found.

Ohio lottery games that offer huge jackpots include Powerball and Mega Millions, both known for their rollover feature that increases each time no one wins. Recently, Ohio Lottery introduced Lucky for Life which offers lifelong payments to two top winners.

Ohio Lottery provides a free mobile app that makes playing easy. This app enables users to scan tickets, locate participating lottery partners and view rewards easily – as well as providing chat support if needed. Available for both iOS and Android devices.

Lottery players in Ohio can donate through payroll deduction, with information about upcoming campaigns available on the Ohio Lottery’s website. Furthermore, employees of this agency have access to volunteer programs where they can help hunger centers or food banks by volunteering their services. Employees can not only volunteer their time but can donate financially through a state run charitable campaign that runs from September to the end of October and benefits 11 Federations with over 2,500 agencies. Employees can donate nonperishable items and money through various agency-run fundraisers. Our statewide food drive benefits over 30 thousand families each year with average donations exceeding $900 and has raised over $700 million to date, providing families with healthy meals while giving them resources they need to succeed – especially in rural areas, where needs may be greatest.

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