Is Online Gambling Legal in Illinois?

is online gambling legal in illinois

Illinois is a popular gambling destination, boasting land-based casinos and sports betting already within its borders. Residents still must look elsewhere for legal online gambling sites; thankfully there are dozens of top-rated offshore casino sites accessible from Illinois with licensing from international authorities, making these safe to use while offering strong player protections.

Illinois may not yet offer online gambling, but some progress has been made with the legalization of sports betting and expanded land-based casino gaming. While Illinois has not passed legislation authorizing legal online casinos yet, Illinoisans should remain informed of all their gambling options within their state.

Be it for fun or real money, online casino gaming offers plenty of choices. Some offer an authentic casino experience with live dealers and high-definition graphics while others can be played from home using virtual reality technology. Each type of game possesses its own set of regulations and rules which must be understood prior to engaging in playing them.

The Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) is the state-level regulatory and law enforcement body responsible for overseeing all aspects of gambling activity within its borders. Appointed by Governor and approved by Senate, its five-member board includes an IGB Administrator as the agency’s CEO – all casino, sports wagering, horse racing and video gaming activities are supervised by IGB in Illinois.

Illinois was the second state in the U.S. to legalize riverboat casinos with the Riverboat Gambling Act passing in February 1990 and currently boasts 15 licensed casinos across its borders. Furthermore, Illinois passed its Video Gaming Act in 2009 and there are now over 46,400 VGTs located throughout Illinois at truck stops, retail establishments, veteran and fraternal organizations as well as other locations.

Social and sweepstakes casinos are legal in Illinois, offering safe and enjoyable ways to gamble without risking real cash. These websites typically feature an assortment of casino games as well as opportunities to redeem sweeps coins for cash prizes – making them perfect for both beginning casino gamers and experienced ones alike.

Illinois’ legal position with regard to online gambling can be complicated. While the state has approved legislation allowing lottery sales, and its official lottery website offers many different games including Keno and Poker; promotions; etc, however Illinois courts have held that anyone who loses money through a gambling transaction may sue those responsible under Section 28-1 of their Criminal Code.

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