What’s the New Lottery Game?

whats the new lottery game

What’s your new lottery game?

From Scratchers tickets on your after-work soda run to lotto pools at golf foursome meetings, the Virginia Lottery offers a range of draw and instant games designed to ensure kids across Virginia benefit from public education. Each sale helps support public education.

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) — Now you can play the North Carolina Education Lottery from your mobile phone! They recently introduced Digital Instants games, similar to scratch-offs but online and accessible using one account – you could win up to $30 in one round depending on which ones you play! All Digital Instants games offer different odds and prizes so check for availability before choosing which one(s).

Florida Lottery Unveils $10 Million Scratch-Off Games The Florida Lottery is offering more chances to win big with its latest $20 Scratch-Off offerings: Gold Rush Legacy and Lucky Dogs will both become available across retail Lottery outlets beginning Monday, July 23.

IGT provides an impressive catalog of draw-based games with innovative play mechanics that appeal to diverse player groups and allow them to connect with these titles while contributing towards worthy causes.

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