What is Local SEO?

what is local seo

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a subset of search engine optimization which specializes in optimising a website with local intent. It utilizes many of the same tactics and strategies employed in traditional SEO, with an emphasis on serving a particular geographical area or community. Local SEO increases visibility of your business online while driving targeted traffic directly to it – both virtual and physical storefront locations alike.

Search engines such as Google use location information to provide relevant results to a searcher’s location. For instance, when someone types in “best bakery near me,” Google will display results that are nearby their home or office. Google uses various signals such as business listings, social media profiles, reviews and citations in its calculations in order to take into account user’s location accurately.

For local SEO, it is crucial that all information pertaining to your business remains consistent across the web, while optimizing it with relevant local keywords to increase chances of showing up in map packs and organic search results.

Local SEO involves optimizing the content on your website as part of its overall optimization strategy, from conducting keyword research to producing high-quality posts that answer customer inquiries, creating an easily searchable site architecture and building citations – which are links from other websites pointing back to you – this step is an integral part of local SEO.

As more consumers rely on search engines to locate products, services and businesses they need, it has become more critical than ever to implement local SEO best practices in order to attract targeted traffic to your business and increase conversions into sales.

Moz’s recent research indicates that more than 50% of Google search queries involve localized queries; as such, businesses must use local SEO best practices in order to drive more targeted traffic both directly and via their website.

Local SEO offers many other benefits as well. For instance, it can help build brand trust and generate more positive online reviews, leading to customer referrals that ultimately increase sales. Local SEO also presents businesses with exciting PR opportunities like listing their business on local directories or review sites or guest blogging on blogs.

If you want to maximize your local search marketing efforts, our free SEO checker is a useful tool that will identify areas for improvement on your site. This tool will identify duplicate content issues, meta description gaps and keyword density concerns that need attention before beginning implementation of local SEO techniques to expand business growth.

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