When Will Online Gambling Be Legal in Massachusetts?

when will online gambling be legal in massachusetts

After the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a federal ban on sports betting in 2018, many states legalized and began regulating this industry. Massachusetts is a popular destination for sports fans and home to one of America’s iconic teams, the Boston Red Sox. Boasting nine World Series Championships since 1918 – with an 86 year stretch without victory from 1918 until 2004! If betting on your team of choice appeals, Massachusetts offers licensed retail and online sportsbooks where you can place bets.

Massachusetts is an attractive gambling destination with three casinos and two pari-mutuel simulcast venues offering sports betting. According to legislation passed in 2023, 15 sportsbook licenses may be granted with an expected 20% tax rate applied against gross sports bet revenue. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission will oversee this market; and licensing processes will commence later in 2018.

Contrary to other forms of gambling, Massachusetts does not currently permit real-money casino gaming online legally. Nonetheless, online gambling remains extremely popular within the state and various sites claim legality without actually meeting legal criteria – often offering no deposit bonuses and promotions in an effort to attract customers but with minimal chance of actually winning money!

If you want to try your luck at gambling, the best place is a regulated casino site licensed by your state with secure banking options and 21+ age requirements for legal gambling in the US.

Lawmakers could soon revisit their position on real-money online casinos. Connecticut and Rhode Island, which border Massachusetts, recently legalized this industry and more states may follow suit; should that occur, Massachusetts residents would then be able to use smartphones and tablets for playing real money slots and blackjack on mobile devices.

Massachusetts residents can currently take advantage of free-play social casinos. These websites feature games with no financial cost involved that allow players to win virtual currency that can later be redeemed for cash prizes. Some are even licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority while some accept major debit and credit cards as payment.

Massachusetts residents can participate in many recreational activities outside of gambling. Massachusetts boasts parks, beaches and hiking trails that visitors can enjoy; several historic landmarks also exist for tourists to see. Professional sports teams based out of Massachusetts include NBA’s Celtics and Bruins, NFL Patriots & Jets as well as NHL Red Sox. There are also many colleges popular among students such as MIT / Harvard/ Yale that students often attend; majors available include business / engineering / public policy studies while some even participate in student-run companies!

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