UnitedHealthcare – The Company That Makes Your Health Insurance Work For You

UnitedHealthcare, the company dedicated to making health insurance work for you, stands by its members when they need help the most. Offering Medicare Advantage plans for seniors and Medicaid plans for low income people; as well as individual and family plan options in the ACA marketplace; UnitedHealthcare offers products that save members money on prescriptions, healthcare services and more.

United Health Group Incorporated is an American multinational health care service and information technology company headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Operating under its UnitedHealthcare brand name and providing health services supported by technology and data through Optum division services. United Health Group Incorporated ranks eleventh by global revenue while being the world’s most valuable health insurer by market capitalization.

UnitedHealthcare provides Medicare Advantage and private insurance products for individuals and families, and features an expansive provider network as well as online/mobile tools that make accessing medical care easy for members. In addition, three telemedicine service providers (Doctor on Demand, Optum’s NowClinic and American Well) provide video consultations with physicians directly for UnitedHealthcare members.

UnitedHealthcare partners with many organizations, including AARP. In 2016, UnitedHealthcare unveiled The Longevity Network as an interactive digital hub designed specifically to serve people aged 50 or above. On this site, users can connect with experts, find local events, and receive guidance on topics like money, health, lifestyle and socialization from experts as well as receive personalized advice on topics like money management. Furthermore, UnitedHealthcare offers its members AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance plans.

Optum by Payer is a leader in healthcare innovation and transformation. Their 133,000 employees use insights and technology to address industry challenges, enhance health care delivery, and ultimately build a healthier world. Optum serves a range of clients including health plans, employers, government agencies and life sciences companies – as well as over 2,000 hospitals, 6,000 physician groups and one million patients!

UnitedHealthcare and Walgreens joined forces in April to launch a program which recognizes Medicare Advantage and standalone Part D Medicare Advantage enrollees for engaging in healthy activities and behaviors such as exercise, eating healthily and recording their activities using My Health4Me app. Through this partnership, enrollees earn Walgreens Balance Reward points when engaging in activities such as daily physical activity, eating well or recording other positive health-promoting behaviors in this program.

UnitedHealthcare was recently involved in a legal dispute alleging they withheld payments to members to meet internal financial goals, according to North Carolina Medical Society lawsuit. UnitedHealthcare denied medically necessary claims in order to meet financial targets rather than for patient safety considerations; as part of settlement worth over $1 billion this number also applies in Brazil through UnitedHealthcare Global unit.

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