How to Use Keywords for SEO in Different Ways

SEO keywords are at the core of every digital marketing strategy, helping us identify how people are searching for products and services we provide, as well as uncover any questions they might be asking about us. When used properly, keywords optimize content for search engines while connecting you with potential customers – however there are many different strategies businesses employ when employing keywords – some more successful than others.

Title tags of website pages or blog posts are an ideal place for SEO keywords to appear, since search engines view this first when indexing these documents. They typically consist of no more than 60 characters long.

Also be sure to incorporate keywords into your meta description. A meta description is a short summary of your content that appears under its URL in search results and serves as an indirect ranking factor; Google uses it to filter and display results.

As part of any website or blog post that includes images, it’s also wise to incorporate keywords in their alt text (ALT text is displayed when an image cannot be shown), giving an easy way to include your keyword without writing them out in full. Just be mindful that any ALT text still makes sense and not simply become a list of keywords!

Keywords can also be added into your content via header tags, which are the large copy blocks that separate smaller blocks on a page. Formatted as either H2 or H3, these formatting tags have 24 font size compared to regular text on websites.

Utilizing keywords in the URL of your web page or blog post may also increase click-through rate and help searchers perceive you as relevant for their query. While not directly impactful on rankings, using your keyword in your URL might also improve click-through rate and searcher perception of relevancy of content to their query.

Utilize keywords in social media posts as another method to influence how searchers find your content and increase sharing rates. Though not directly influencing ranking factors, social media keyword usage could impact searchers who find your posts and may lead to increased social sharing rates.

Implementing SEO keywords correctly is one of the most essential tasks you can perform for your website. Without effective use, they won’t appear in search results, and your traffic won’t increase as needed to expand your business. When used properly though, keywords can become one of your greatest tools in digital marketing arsenal.

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